The Final Summit

We got up at 4 that morning. We had to catch the sunrise from the top of the peak. It was turning out to be very difficult as my brother’s knee had started to pain. I was very tensed as the climb was very difficult. We had to cover a patch which was very steep. We did not know that after this difficult patch lies a beautiful sunrise. As we were going up we saw sun coming out of the horizon. We knew we had to speed up the climb in order to summit.

We raced to the peak where we saw the beautiful sun rising and spreading its golden colour over the snowy mountains. We  stayed there for about 20 minutes after which Gulzar and other coordinators told us that we had to move down. The atmosphere was thin and it was very difficult to breath. We started to decent. As we moved down we met  with the next group who was going to summit the next day.

It was one of the best journeys that we had been on. A completely different experience with a lot of adrenaline and fun. We reached Mumbai back on 30th of December where we slept on our cotton filled mattresses.6


One of the best things that we noticed was the animals over there. It was a scientific reason but because of that these animals looked so great. The weather over there is very cold due to which the animals over there have a lot of fur on their bodies. Also these animals especially the dogs were so friendly that they would start walking with you the moment you look at them or give them anything to eat. There were so many dogs at camp two that we had a good time over there.

That night was the most dreadful one. We had to sleep out in the open with nothing but a sleeping bag and a plastic sheet to protect us from getting wet. We remember how at moment this trip became hell for us. It was so cold that we were not able to move from one place to another.5.5

The Snow Bed

We started the trek very early the next morning. It was a group of 30-40 people from all age groups and genders. There were men who were that of 65 years of age and young couple who had decided to come on their honeymoon. It was our very first trek of such a big scale and we were terrified and energetic at the same time. It was my duty to keep my brother safe because of his injury but he seemed alright while going up the mountain. It seemed as if the kedarkantha peak had healed his legs and wanted him to complete the trek.

We did not know how will our sleeping arrangements be. We had never imagined what was going to happen. As we were going up the mountain we came across a frozen lake. It was very big and was looking so beautiful. This place turned out to be our first stop for the journey. We had to spend our night besides that lake. The lake seemed pretty dangerous as it was frozen and the ice could break any moment but many of our group mates forgot all those things and went on it. After a while when nothing happened even we decided to go there. It was fun to go out there and have a good time. It relaxed our minds. We forgot about all our problems and had a very calm mind.5

The tree maze

On the way to sankri we came across a patch full of tall trees. The best part about that place was there was no human soul apart from our group. No tree was cut down. Each one was reaching the sky touching the clouds. The place had a different kind of energy. As all of came from cities we never knew what the sound of silent nature feels like. To be completely stunned by looking at the wonders god created. The roads were narrow so we had to stop again and again in order to allow the vehicle coming from ahead to pass by. The distance was long as it took us one whole day to reach the base village.

On reaching the base village we had dinner and slept in our respective tents. We woke up sharp at 6am after which we were briefed by Gulzar our trek leader. He was one of the most experienced trekker of YHAI. It was going to be a 4 day trip to reach the peak and come back down. Gulzar was so skilled that he could’ve completed the trek in one  single day. He gave us a lot of insight about the route that we were going to be using. He even told us about various problems that can come while going up the mountains ad how should we tackle them.4

The Bus Ride

The next day we left the hostel at 7am sharp to board the bus to Sankri Village which was the base camp for our trek. The journey took us from the mountain ranges of Rishikesh which had snow clad mountains and beautiful waterfalls. On reaching the base village we were briefed about the do’s and don’ts  of the trek and the decorum that we had to maintain at that place. The coach was very strict about one rule that we were there to enjoy nature and its beauty and not destroy it.  We were supposed to collect all garbage on the way up. We were not allowed to play any music since it would’ve disturbed the peace of the valley. The greenery that we saw in those mountains was so great that we thought to ourselves that why have we started to destroy this planet.3.3

Stop 1 : YHAI Hostel

So it has been almost 24 hours since we left our comfortable home. We had already faced an obstacle of not finding a good hotel to spend the night but luckily we met a guy who was going on the same trek with the same batch. He was an experienced trekker and we were grateful for his help as we shared a room which according to him was the best of all. The next morning we took a public transport to reach the YHAI hostel. We met other trekkers from across the country and prepared ourselves for the journey ahead. YHAI is known for organizing activities in almost all parts of the nation. They have their hostels in good cities as well as remote villages of Rishikesh and Mussoorie.2.2

The Journey Begins!

It was a pleasant morning of December 22nd 2017 when we took the first step for our adventurous journey. My brother had an injury in his right knee but he was adamant to summit the Kedarkantha Peak. The first stop was Mumbai International airport from where we had to take our flight which would take us forward in our journey. It was our first time to scale a peak from the Roof of the World the Himalayas. The only thing we knew was that this journey won’t be an easy one and we have to be full of adrenaline all the time in order to keep up with the pace.1